Rhythm Contemporary Motion Clock with Rotating Pendulum

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Rhythm Contemporary Motion Clock with Rotating Pendulum

Featuring a planetary rotating pendulum and shooting star back panel detail, this clock is truly out of this world. The clock face has a black arabic dial, black fancy hands and a silver finished second hand. The impeccably precise and silent quartz movement means this clock will keep perfect time for a lifetime.  Ideal gift for modern homes or offices.  Stunning centerpiece decor on mantles. 


Manufacturer: Rhythm
Colour: Silver
Pendulum Movement: Rotation
Dimensions: Width: 19.5 cm, Height: 24 cm, Depth: 9.5cm.
Net Weight: 0.6Kg
Requires and includes 2 x AA batteries.
Shipping: Supplier Direct

Manufacturer Info:

With superior quality materials and unique sound quality, Rhythm is globally renowned as the number one clock brand. Rhythm clocks are the centre of attention, providing a luxurious touch of refined beauty to any style of decoration. Built for a clock lover who appreciates ingenuity, the quality of a Rhythm clock is unparalleled. These beautiful and sought after timepieces are sure to be cherished and treasured for a lifetime. 

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