Cashmere Pashmina Artisan (Dark Beige )

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Features And Benefits:

Hand Crafted Cashmere Pashmina Artisan (Dark Beige): This beautiful contemporary hand crafted Cashmere pashmina is highly elegant in style.  The intricate work of this masterpiece handicraft is further enhanced by the unique embroidery border.  The hand stitched motif in multiple colours with orange prominence stands out in stunning detail to give it that special unique look.  The border runs all the way around the shawl in a rectangular shape.  Got an elegant party to appear to? Drape this around your shoulders to look stunning.  If the evening chill sets in wrap it around you to cozy up in style with one of the finest and lightest wool in the world.  


100% natural.
Colour: Dark Beige, with mustard, pink orange and brown embroidery
Material: 70% Cashmere wool, 30% Tussar Silk (Wild Silk) with silk thread work.
Dimensions: Length  203 cm (79.9"), Width 74 cm (29.1"), Net Weight: 126 grams

The story of this Pashmina shawl:

This Pashmina was handpicked by Simply Magnificent directly from a Master Artisan, from an exhibition of quality Handicraft and Fine Silk.

This piece was produced by Ghulam Hassain Kha and his family members, who reside in Kashmir India and use the best Kashmiri wool and technique to produce beautiful pieces of pashmina.

Ghulam Hassain Kha is a Master Artisan who runs a small business of handicraft in India and employs family members to work alongside him. Beautiful craftmanship, intricate design and pure dedication is given to each piece of Pashmina and no two pieces are the same, as the works carry’s variation of design on every single piece.  It can take months to produce a single piece of Pashmina as the processes are meticulous and intricate. 

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