Woodbridge Mimosa Luxury Reed Diffuser

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Woodbridge Mimosa Luxury Reed Diffuser

Indulge your senses to this beautiful fragrance brought to you by Woodbridge.  This 120ml reed diffuser can last up to three months keeping your home or office environment smelling fresh.  With a whopping 8% fragrance load it is a cut above most others.  Ideal gift for home.  

For optimum experience use different fragrances in different parts of the house or office.  We recommend 2 to 3 varieties of fragrances allowing your sense of smell to remain active as you go to different areas .  


  • Carefully remove the stopper cap from the bottle and insert the wooden reeds into the bottle.
  • The oil will gradually be absorbed by the reeds and will diffuse into the air.
  • This product can last up to 3 months.

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