Blue Opal Large Marquise Jewellery Gift Set


Features And Benefits:

Sterling Silver and Blue Opal Large Marquise Earrings: 

These beautiful large Blue Opal earrings are in the design of elongated Marquise shapes with decorative silver work on the left and right side. Inlaid with stunning and vibrant Blue Opal, these earrings are sure to stand out in a crowd. Use them as fabulous everyday accessories or turn up in style for any occasion. Ideal gift for women for any occasion.

Supplied in Simply Magnificent gift box


Chains & matching pendant also available
Earring Length: 4.25cm incl hooks
Material: Sterling Silver and Blue Opal
Colour: blue and silver


One of the signs of sterling silver (Pure Silver or 925) is that if left in open air or with regular use, it will oxidise and will become less sparkling over time.  If you are using your silver jewellery seldom, then we recommend that you store in an airtight container or bag to keep the luster and sparkle. 

If you use your jewellery often or daily, then we recommend that you polish them regularly (Ideally once every couple of weeks) keeping them shining all the time.  The safest and most effective way to polish sterling silver is to wipe it gently with a soft cloth and use silver polish. Most fine jewelry stores and hardware stores sell specially designed silver polishing cloths that are pretreated with gentle chemicals to restore silver's natural brilliance, although used regularly most soft cloths will do the trick.


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