Blue Opal Tree of Life Pendant with Earrings - (Gift Set)


Sterling Silver and Blue Opal Tree of Life Pendant, Chain and Earrings - (Gift Set)

Treat yourself or your loved ones to this tantalizingly vibrant and beautifully designed jewellery set, made with Sterling Silver and Blue Opal. The striking colours of the Blue Opal shimmers and glows under different light and captures your attention. This beautiful Tree of Life design is iconic, universally appealing and will capture your loved ones hearts. Use it for special occasions or just as a fabulous everyday accessory. Ideal gift for girls and women of any ages.  Comes in Simply Magnificent presentation box.

All components are made with Sterling Silver and bares the 925 hallmark.


Chain:  16" Curb (40.6cm)
Pendant Diameter: (2.2cm)
Weight: 6g
Earring Length: 1.25" (3.25cm) with hook
Diameter: (2cm)
Weight: 6g


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